Behind the establishment of jember is the vision of starting up an owner-managed medium-sized enterprise which gives crucial importance to staff, company culture and customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to provide excellent engineering services in the areas of consulting, development and research.

This is also reflected by our slogan: jes – jember engineering solutions.

In order to reach this goal, we are pursuing a clear strategy:



Generating solid growth through customer satisfaction and referrals


Top Staff

Reacting always with inquisitiveness and ambition



Focussing on core issues



Success, motivation and speed through lean processes and clear distribution of tasks



Cost and performance orientation ensures attractiveness and profitability



Cooperation with partner companies in order to offer our customers complete solutions

Our values

These principles are embedded in the jember corporate values which focus on the highest quality, openness, transparency, fairness, staff satisfaction and sustainability.



We care for the future.
We engage ourselves beyond our company, for our employees, for our society and for our environment:
Environmental awareness and social responsibility are part of jember’s DNA.

We commit to be carbon-neutral not only for the jember operation, but for the whole jember-family.

We achieve this goal by:
Planting 50.000 rainforest-trees as carbon-offset per year
Use of 100% renewable energies
Resource conserving operations