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At jember we think, develop and live corporate culture.
Now certified!

The Great Place of Work® certification is not only a confirmation of our special corporate culture, processes and working conditions, but also an incentive and motivation to further develop our goals and achievements in order to streamline and improve our services and products for the mutual benefit of our employees and our customers.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our employees for their help and support in participating in this survey. Their feedback has helped us to achieve a far above-average result in the Great Place to Work® certification. Would you also like to become part of this success story and join our company? If so, please apply at

Picture: The trophies – Living corporate culture

The primary objective of the employee survey was to find out how are we perceived by our employees, as an employer, in particular with regard to core values of corporate culture like credibility, respect, fairness, pride, and team-spirit. These core values reflect the trust of the employees into the employer and allow an assessment of the quality of the workplace and of the working relationship, as well as of the degree of employee satisfaction.

The results also allow us benchmarking with other employers by comparing our results with the average results achieved by 90% of the employers in Germany, in the years 2016 to 2020.

We greatly appreciate our results:

97% of the employees participating in the survey confirmed for jember: „All in all, I can say, this is a very good working place “. This result ranks us in the total scoring 25% above average.

With the result “Excellent” we find ourselves among the 5% of the best-ranked employers.

For the Trust-Index©, with a total score of 94% we outperform the average with a total score of 61% by 33%.

The Trust-Index© is an indicator for the level of trust of the employees into the employer, representing the mean-value of the points received in the corresponding evaluation for the core values of corporate culture.

Remarkable in comparison to the average are the following two indicators:

  • Our employees confirm, they have „lots“ of freedom to continuously improve working methods, to secure and foster innovations and improvements.
  • The trust into the decisions of our upper-management hast been ranked as „very high“ by the absolute majority of our employees.

Credibility  96%  59%
Respect  92%  54%
Fairness  96%  60%
Pride  92%  69%
Teamspirit  96%  62%
Average (Trust Index©)  94%  61%

We are very pleased with these results and strengthen our endeavors to create a unique, value-based workplace culture at jember in order to ensure a decisive contribution and the best conditions for a successful and secure future for our employees, for our customers and partners.

GreatPlaceToWork 2020

Great Place To Work®

The Great Place To Work® certification is based on an analysis of the company, using employee surveys to evaluate the corporate culture, to discover and highlight possibilities for development and improvement.

According to Great Place To Work® a good workplace is characterized by the trust of the employee into the employer. This trust is based on the perception of 5 main influence factors:

  • The credibility of the employer may be influenced by open communications, competent leadership and leadership behavior with integrity.
  • The respect for the employee is perceived by promotion and rewards, the cooperation within the teams and through measures of personal care and balance (Work-Life-Balance).
  • The fairness in the workplace is influenced by balanced remuneration , neutrality and omission of preferences, equality and omission of discriminations.
  • The pride, the employee perceives, in relation to her personal activity, to the work of her team or to the results of the company are fundamental as well to the trust and to the identification of the employee with her activity, with her responsibility, and with the employer.
  • The team spirit is perceived through relational experiences of authority and familiarity, a friendly working atmosphere and the feeling of being pulling altogether on one rope.